School Of The Visual Arts Norfolk

If your desire is to have top quality education for future generations of students, you will be happy to support our school.

When you want your children to have a well rounded Christian education, come visit our school.

Teachers are able to present video clips and internet sites to their students through the use of SMART technology.

The teachers on our staff are genuinely interested in your child and his academic accomplishments.

There are many opportunities given to your child that should assist him in growing in his faith. We stress and encourage the students to be an active part of their community, helping where they can.

Making sure your children get a Christian education is important to most families.

We can assist your child in deciding which sport is best suited for them, whether it is cross country, football, or golf.

There is a student body government where your child may choose to run for a leadership position.

When you want your child to have classes that are integrating technology on a daily basis, you should check out our school.

As a part of our curriculum, we teach the students to be kind and considerate to one another.

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