Musical Programs Virginia Beach Virginia

We stress and encourage the students to be an active part of their community, helping where they can.

Playing the sport of soccer is something both the boys and the girls enjoy through our school.

When your student has dreams of being on the honor roll but their math skills are not up to standards, give them our web address to study math skills.

Learning math online is a great alternative to having a math tutor come to your house.

If you feel your student needs live tutoring lessons, we can provide those by using Skype to communicate.

You can increase your math skills to be sure you pass your college entrance exams by studying our online videos.

For the best selection of free math tutorials, check our online videos.

Sometimes the student body will gather together for an all-worship chapel as part of their day.

Many students love music, and we are happy that we have a music honor society they can participate in.

We would like to assist you in teaching your child to be a responsible member of society.