Music School Programs Virginia Newport News

Power Point Presentations assist the teachers in supplying their students with necessary information.

As a part of our curriculum, we teach the students to be kind and considerate to one another.

We stress and encourage the students to be an active part of their community, helping where they can.

Playing the sport of soccer is something both the boys and the girls enjoy through our school.

We believe it is our duty, as a Christian school, to train your children in spiritual practices.

Through the use of classroom computers your children have access to projects, lessons, and assignments.

We will seek to instill Christian values in the lives of your children in both our primary and secondary school. Making sure your children get a Christian education is important to most families.

To prepare your children for the future in our technological world, it's important that our school keeps our educational technology up-to-date.

Although we offer track and field, some children prefer to participate in baseball or football.

It doesn't matter what grade your child is in because all students can be a part of our yearly school play. Students have an opportunity to learn video editing when they help with our in-house news program.

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