K 12 Portsmouth Virginia

Learning about measuring angles or using algebra calculators is easier for some people if they see it in video form rather than reading the information.

Many families want their children to have a Christian education and that is why our schools are available.

Students in both Middle School and High School are offered the opportunity to attend leadership retreats.

Some people find analytic trigonometry easy, while others need tutoring to help them.

We would love to be able to inspire your children and help them live productive and well rounded lives.

Unless you call and ask, you may not know that you may be eligible for financial aid.

Check our school out if you are interested in allowing your child to participate in a musical arts program.

The teachers on our staff are genuinely interested in your child and his academic accomplishments.

Whether you need to watch algebra videos or geometry videos, you can watch and learn online at our site.

Along with the basic subjects, we strive for your child to grown in personal integrity.

If you need to learn how to take math tests and be comfortable takings tests in class, you can practice online.

Music leadership programs are offered for both junior and senior high students.

Community service is something that we take pride in teaching all of our students.

In addition to our regular classes, we have outdoor programs that are fun as well as educational.

As your children progress in our programs, we will be encouraging them to continue with higher education.