High School Christian Campus

We want to provide your children with the most relevant academic instruction possible so they can learn to be an active part of our ever-changing world.

When you want your children to have a well rounded Christian education, come visit our school. As they progress through the years at our school, the children will be participants in an honor code.

Sending your children to Christian school will ensure they pass on your family values.

We will seek to instill Christian values in the lives of your children in both our primary and secondary school. We offer a special camp in the summer for children who are attendees of our school.

There is a student body government where your child may choose to run for a leadership position.

We have sports programs and music and drama as part of our Christian school educational program.

If your desire is to have top quality education for future generations of students, you will be happy to support our school. To prepare your children for the future in our technological world, it's important that our school keeps our educational technology up-to-date.

We believe it is our duty, as a Christian school, to train your children in spiritual practices.

We continue to add new technological resources that are available for your child's growth.

Each classroom receives a broadcast of our in-house news program.

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