Elementary School Virginia Beach

Your child will be well rounded with a developmentally based Christian curriculum.

By visiting our website you will be able to take an on-line tour of our facilities.

All ages of students are able to participate in our wonderful fine arts programs, along with their regular curriculum.

We are committing to educate both students and our staff of teachers in acquiring technological skills.

Whether you need to watch algebra videos or geometry videos, you can watch and learn online at our site.

Some students find it easier to do math when they can see illustrations in video form rather than reading the information in a book.

When children are participants in sports, they learn to have team spirit and get a more rounded education.

The teachers on our staff are genuinely interested in your child and his academic accomplishments.

Check our school out if you are interested in allowing your child to participate in a musical arts program.

Whether you are studying pre calculus or calculus, we have videos that can help you pass all your tests.