Elementary School Virginia Beach

Just call and let us know if you wish to have your child be a part of our hot lunch program.

We can assist your child in deciding which sport is best suited for them, whether it is cross country, football, or golf.

We aspire to give your children a higher level of spiritual growth, along with a wonderful education.

There are many opportunities given to your child that should assist him in growing in his faith.

Making sure your children get a Christian education is important to most families.

Having leadership skills is important in today's world, so we encourage your child to become a leader rather than a follower.

We are understanding of your children's needs to be able to work at their own pace.

There is an array of opportunities to assist your Elementary, Middle School, or High School student in using their leadership skills.

The elementary years are a crucial time in the life of your child's growth, both spiritually and academically.

When a student must miss a class, they can access their teacher's notes because of our SMART technology.

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