Elementary School Program Chesapeake

Pre algebra can be studied online by children or adults, depending on the level you are currently at with your studies.

When you need online tutoring lessons on the higher order of derivatives or the equations of tangent and normal lines to a curve, check out the lessons we offer on video.

Students have an opportunity to learn video editing when they help with our in-house news program.

At our school, we place a high emphasis on the growth of Christian values along with academic growth.

Getting help with math problems is easy when you have access to our online math tutor.

We feel that teaching students music, along with arts and crafts, is healthy for their minds.

We offer a special camp in the summer for children who are attendees of our school.

Math lessons for children and adults can be found at our website that is available around the clock.

Studying with a math tutor online is a great way to increase your knowledge of all types of math.

At our Christian academy we challenge your student to enter our advanced math program.