Educational Programs For Elementary Students Virginia Newport News

We offer a series of math tutorials that are geared to help you increase your math skills.

If your desire is to have top quality education for future generations of students, you will be happy to support our school.

When you want a school with teachers that are supportive, nurturing, and encouraging, come to us.

Our sports programs encourage the students in our school to have a Christian spirit during competition.

If you are not the greatest when it comes to any type of math, check out the full line of free math videos we offer.

The curriculum we use for all of our classes is taught in a Christian manner.

Print materials, journals, and online databases can be accessed through our Media Center.

Students have an opportunity to learn video editing when they help with our in-house news program.

We seek to equip your children both biblically and academically so they will be a benefit to our world.

All ages of students are able to participate in our wonderful fine arts programs, along with their regular curriculum.