Early Christian Learning

We believe it is our duty, as a Christian school, to train your children in spiritual practices.

We have a daily video announcement studio which encompasses the use of student anchors, producers, and directors.

There is an array of opportunities to assist your Elementary, Middle School, or High School student in using their leadership skills.

We aspire to give your children a higher level of spiritual growth, along with a wonderful education.

Each classroom receives a broadcast of our in-house news program.

There is a student body government where your child may choose to run for a leadership position.

We are understanding of your children's needs to be able to work at their own pace.

We offer a special camp in the summer for children who are attendees of our school.

If your desire is to have top quality education for future generations of students, you will be happy to support our school.

Through the use of classroom computers your children have access to projects, lessons, and assignments. The teachers on our staff are genuinely interested in your child and his academic accomplishments.

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