Early Christian Learning

We will teach your children skills where they gain knowledge to deal with the many different situations that arise in life.

When your child plays a sport here, he will be learning much more than just how to play the game.

We encourage your child to participate in our exceptional music program, whether they sing or play an instrument.

Our schools support a wide variety of academic programs and athletic activities.

Years of experience teaching in schools is what went into the project of putting math videos online.

Community service is something that we take pride in teaching all of our students.

Recently a donation of a mobile laptop cart was made to the school and it is available for teachers to use in their classes.

Many families want their children to have a Christian education and that is why our schools are available.

When you need a refresher in algebra math, turn to our online videos for guidance.

At our school, we place a high emphasis on the growth of Christian values along with academic growth.