Christian Based Education

Many families want their children to have a Christian education and that is why our schools are available.

Many students love music, and we are happy that we have a music honor society they can participate in.

When you are interested in receiving more information regarding our school and curriculum, give us a call.

When you need help with trigonometry homework, look to our web videos for the answers to your questions.

Throughout the history of our school the greatest technological advancement has been the implementation of the SMART technology in our Media Resource Center.

Some people have more of an aptitude for math than other people do.

We want all parents to know that lying and cheating are not tolerated in either of our schools.

A big part of what we teach is spiritual guidance, along with all the other classes.

No matter which of our fine arts programs your child chooses, we will encourage him to do his best.

Nationally known speakers, musicians, and leaders attend and share their wisdom at our Spiritual Emphasis Week.